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Thread: omg omg i have totally screwed up

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    Unhappy omg omg i have totally screwed up
    Ok so... I have a mac book pro 17inch. About 3 months ago my cat jumped on my screen and bent it back further than it ever was meant to go i pulled it back up and it started working again.... But then i am on a business trip and it seemed that the screen would go dark so i would push the casing back together it worked again. Today i pushed it back together and think i screwed it up pretty well. It makes a bee like noise and i can smell a little burning and it seems there is a white cord that has be .. severed. Can anyone tell me about how much it would be to fix it or what i can do or what to do. I hope i haven't lost it forever!!!

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    Want to fix it yourself?

    That type of repair is not going to be covered under the AppleCare warranty and will probably be expensive. You can always take it on in to your local Apple Store and have them look at and give you an estimate.


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    yeah sounds like there is a short in the screen now. I wouldn't suggest using it until you get it fixed because you could cause more damage to the screen or the circuit board. I am new to macs but know my electronics so I don't know about how apple care would deal with that.

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