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    Data Recovery possible?
    I have a one year old iBook whose hard drive crashed completely. Tech support at my work says it's impossible to recover anything off of it, and they want to send it off for a replacement. I asked about those recovery service companies and the tech people told me they don't really work, that you end up paying thousands to recover your lost data with no guarantee they'll really get anything. Is this true? I'm sick over the loss of my photos and music, which weren't backed up...

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    From what I hear, the disk recovery companies are pretty good, but horrendously're looking at around $2000 or so. How much they can recover will depend on how, exactly the drive failed and how much damage there is.

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    If the physical disks are in tact, recovery is possible. But as been noted, expensive. It depends on how valuable the data is, to if its worth it. I have heard of some, that have taken the platers out and put them in another drive and retrieved the data, if they aren't scratched.

    A better priced on -


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    Does the drive spin? Does it make unusual noises?

    I've had some luck with an App called Data Rescue II.

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    data recovery
    Thanks for the suggestions so far. The hard drive makes a clicking noise when the computer is on, and the screen just shows a folder with a question mark.

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