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    Failed Hard Drive Won't Mount

    I have a Powerbook G4, the hard drive conked out on me, unfortunately before I had the chance to back up a few really important files. I have the failed hard drive in an external enclosure, and my new internal hard drive works great.

    However, I'm having problems trying to even see if the files on the failed drive are salvageable. When I plug in the drive, my Powerbook fails to recognize it at all. The drive is turned on, and I can feel the drive spinning (there's no clicking or worrisome noises), but then I open Data Rescue II, a program which has always worked fine for me before, but the program now crashes. I go into System Profiler, and even THAT crashes when I try to see what's connected via USB.

    The cables are fine, the enclosure works fine, I've restarted the computer with the cables attached, I freezed the hard drive overnight.

    There's absolutely no way I'm taking it to Data Recovery Services.

    Any other ideas before I throw in the towel?

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    Can you see the drive in Disk Utility? If you can, try a disk verification, thn a disk repair. Might help.

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    No, it's the same thing. Disk Utility just says, "Gathering Disk Information", and never moves beyond that.

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