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    powebook new hi pitching noise
    Please don't let this happen. The other day my powerbook (15", 1,25GHz, 768MB, 60GB, Combodrive) started to emit a hi frequency noise that seems to come from the harddrive. I really hope it is NOT my hardisk because as I see it I can't change it myself without loosing warranty but can't afford giving my pb away for 10 days either.

    I know, no one is going to be able to help me with this, I just wanted to share my panic. neye:

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    yes its true, it happens. no big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strider
    yes its true, it happens. no big deal.
    small deal for apple, big deal for me - I just don't want to give away my PB with christmas and my new iPod ahead

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    It's most likely the heads dragging on your drive, or the cylinder is out of alignment. This WILL result in data loss, so make backups ASAP. I know it sucks to send in your Powerbook, but you're gonna have to do it.
    Roger Michaels
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    I have exactly the same hi pitch noise and I agree that it sounds like the Hard Drive is going bad but... the noise goes away when I unplug the AC and work from the battery.

    It's so annoying that I charge it in, only when I am away from it.
    And no, I am not confusing it with the fan.

    Initially it seemed that this noise occured while plugged in on some AC outlets and not others but now it's on all the time (except when I work from the battery)

    Any ideas?


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