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    X Im just meE o
    Questions about the iBook, is it realy so great?
    Hello, I am planning on getting the new iBook G4, which it will say below after I post... But... I was wondering... Can the Powerbook rust? And since its made of Aluminum.... Can it bend? I am also considering the PowerBook... But... I only have till the 16th to decide......Since that is the last day to get the iBook/powerbook shipped before Christmas... And also... Should I just stick with the iBook... But... I'm scared, is it going to be easy scratched? Well... Back to the Powerbook... I Was just wondering, as I asked... "If it can rust"? and, "If it can dent..." thanks.

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    Aluminum doesn't rust, but I am sure it can be dented, I don't think the PowerBooks are very good deals right now, they haven't changed then in awhile. The iBook on the other hand have undergone recent changes.

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    X Im just meE o
    So, should I stick with the iBook, even though it is mroe expensive the the Powerbook?

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    The iBook is more expensive than a PowerBook??? How did you configure it? The way I see it, to get a 12in PowerBook with a SuperDrive you are looking at $1800, while a 14in iBook w/ SuperDrive is only $1500

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    X Im just meE o
    I customized it. It came out past $2,000. Which could be a 15" Powerbook.
    But I didn't buy it, yet... Im not sure if I still want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X Im just meE o
    I customized it. It came out past $2,000.
    What all did you add?

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    i dont have no mac's
    if your configuring it with a ton of ram, i'd save the money and buy it from

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