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    Video Card for the G4 ibook 1GHz

    I was just looking at the requirements for World of Warcraft and have noticed that although the previous model ibook G4, (1GHz), does not have sufficent VMemory to play the game. I was wondering are there ways around this? Have any ibook users still played it without the VRAM and if you happen to know if there's any way other than upgrading to a powerbook so I can play this game. Thank you for your time, and I hope your experience with apples was as fruitful as mine, (yes it's a pun, so kill me, lol).


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    All G4 iBooks have a Mobility Radeon 9200 with 32mb of video memory. I run WoW on my PC laptop which has the same graphics card w/ 32mb of video memory just fine. 32mb is the minmum recommended amount of video memory needed to play WoW.

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    Can you upgrade the vid card in the ibook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroHaas
    Can you upgrade the vid card in the ibook?
    Doubt it, I am pretty sure it is part of the logic board, but I am not 100% sure.

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    No you can't...

    You can't upgrade it afterwards and there is no custom build-to-order option either (like the powerbooks have)

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    So, since you can't upgrade it before/after, then will it run on a ibook G4?

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    This has been discussed in the games forum. I think the consensus is that it does run, but whether it runs well enough to play depends on the individual.

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