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    Question last minute iBook buying questions...
    ****o ****o,

    Yes, like many here I'm purchasing an iBook (or having one purchased for me) - I've long been a fan (had a MacPlus and a Performa) and am ecstatic at the thought of using my iBook (getting an educational discount helps!). Like many of you, though, I seem to have a lot of trouble deciding which one to get.

    Here's what I'd be using it for: Internet, word processing, some web design (Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks - maybe Photoshop Elements). I would really like to run Virtual PC on it (just to run Visio) but have read enough horror stories about it so now I'm worried. I'm leaning towards one of the 14" iBooks but can't decide...

    - is this the only difference between the two 14" iBook models (M9627LL/A or M9628LL/A?) the combo vs. super drive?-buying dilemma - Combo Drive or Super Drive... does anyone here actually write DVD's? Is the industry heading that way, or is having an internal CD burner enough?
    -for $200 bucks difference should I just get the cheaper iBook and buy more RAM instead, and what's a good number to have - is 512 enough, or should I splurge to go up to 768 MB?
    -upgrading to an 80GB - good idea? I don't mind doing this at the beginning when purchasing the iBook. Is getting RAM more important?
    -I'm assuming that doing web design is going to be easier on a 14" than a 12 - is this correct? (although I see it's been much debated on the forum!) Is this something I have to actually go into a store to see and, err, try on in person?
    -I've heard people talk about these 'sleeves' they put their iBooks in. What are these like? Any links?

    I appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    are for the sleeves. I really don't see them protecting your book that much but...

    as for your other questions - yes buy the cheaper 14" and buy more RAM. Have at least a total of 512MB. Sure its nice to have as much RAM and HDD space as possible but 512MB is good for what you are doing.

    As for the HDD do you store tons of pics and music files? What programs are you going to be using? If you do store TONS of stuff and use some major programs then go for the 80 but if not take the standard 60.

    Will you be burning your own DVD movies? Sure its nice to have a DVD burner as DVDs can hold like 5GB of data but I'd say stick to the combo drive for now. You can always get a DVD burner later if you really need one.

    As for the 12 vs 14 issue, man its been debated constantly, yeah go to th store and check them out!

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    the 12" has the exact same number of pixels as the 14". the only difference is that the 14" is more magnified. so you won't be able to fit any more stuff on the 14" screen than you will on the 12" screen, it'll just look bigger. but i'm not here to tell you your preferences...if the magnification of the 14" is easier on your eyes, then by all means get it. it's just that the small size of the 12" doesn't bother most people enough to make them get the 14". good luck in your decision!

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    I think the sleeves he is talking about are something like this. They would offer a bit more protection than the ones linked to above.

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    i think i saw these at the Apple Store. I guess I don't see any need for these as I think your iBook will scuff no matter how hard you try to keep it from scuffing. When I take my iBook mobile I just stick it in my laptop bag and off we go and i try to be as careful as possible [baby it] but i still manage to find tons of scuff marks all over my book, especially the bottom and i think this is from having it on my lap i guess... usually at home i have it on my desk as i use a mouse and speakers and iPod... i have only three friends that have an ibook and powerbook and out of the three one of them just THROWS his 14" iBook into his backpack and off he goes! the amount of scratches, scuffs, would drive me batty but he really doesn't care. he's like, "As long as it turns on when I open the lid I'm happy..."

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    Crud. Looks like the link is only good for the session. Well, if you go to Amazon and search for Tucano Second Skin you'll see what I meant.

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    Thanks for your replies everyone!

    Ok, so where is one going to find a better deal - in store or online? Any recommendations? Good stores to buy online or just stick to the Apple site? Is there a standard price set by Apple? The stores here seem to be selling it at the same price as Apple online. Any recommendations?

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    I'd get it from the apple website as you're more likely to have all the latest software included (iLife '05).

    If you buy it in a store, you'll probably receive older stock with iLife '04 and have to pay $29,- to get the upgrade to iLife '05.

    You might want to wait a bit anyway, just to be on the safe side...

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