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    My only disappointment
    I absolutely love my new ibook. The one thing that's a little disappointing is viewing pictures. With WinXP I just insert my media into the card reader and I can view a slideshow of my pics directly from the card reader. When I'm done, I just pop it out and that's it. With iphoto I have to actually import the pics on the hard drive to run a slideshow. Is there a program that will let me run my slideshow from a card reader or cd without having to install all the pics?


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    are you worried about hard drive space?
    i have over 3,000 pictures from my camera alone (not including walpapers, and funny pictures from my many other forums) and it is less than 3 gigs of disk space

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    I know - the way OS X handles photo media is less than optimal IMO.

    I also miss features like explorers photo preview and instant slideshow.... The one's iPhoto makes are better, but not as easy to access...

    Not sure how to solve this issue though...

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    that's one thing XP does a bit better. However, if you adjust folder options you can see the thumbnails of the image. I can't remember exactly what i did but i do have that capability on. Don't know if it'll work with an external card reader but i think it should.

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    Maybe I'll try making the adjustment. I guess I'm not that worried about space. I just wanted it for the convenience. If this is the worst thing about the ibook - I can certainly live with it.

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