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    Will Apple fix everything?
    I am going to be sending my Macbook in to have it repaired because the backlight wont come on and I was wondering if Apple will repair anything else if they find something else wrong?

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    not really, unless you have told them to look for anything else or have pointed out another problem.

    If the hardware isn't easily fixable, they will back up your data and supply you with a new machine (assuming this is a warranty or Apple Care issue)

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    nope, why is there anything else wrong?

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    Not really that I know of but I didnt know if they did like a whole system check or something of the sort.

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    No, they will look it over briefly but thats about it. The only thing they might be hesitant to fix is a broken screen or any other damage that looks like its from intentional abuse.

    -Zach, A.C.T.

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