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Koppel 07-07-2008 07:26 AM

Is this damage common?
Hi all

I have a 17" MBP. The plastic trim that goes around the edge of the base has broken away from the computer just above the optical drive. This sometimes causes the disc that i am trying to eject from the machine to get stuck and re-insert itself.

I tried to get this fixed under warranty and they tell me that it is not covered due to it being outside of normal wear and tear.

I have another friend who bought his 15" MBP second hand who has had the same problem.

I feel this is a design fault but they are telling me that they have never heard of this problem before.

Also the anodizing is coming away from just below a number of the keys. namely the command keys and the space bar as well as the cursor control keys.

If anyone has had the same experience i would love to hear about it as I would like to get mine fixed and if possible prevent newer models having the same problem.


koppel2k AT

CodeSamurai 07-07-2008 11:17 AM

Hello! I can't say I've ever had the same problem, but in my experiences with apple, it takes quite a few machines before they will acknowledge something as "a common problem". Although many people may have the same problem as you, if not many complain, apple isn't going to do much about it except prevent the machines they are currently producing void of that problem. The people who already have the problem are pretty much out of luck until apple decides to acknowledge it. One way to make them notice more would be to take pictures and scour some forums (not double posting of course) to see if anyone else has the same issue. Personally, I have heard of the rubber casing coming off around that area, probably because so many people are right handed and tend to put more weight in that area than in any other, but the keyboard problem is new to me. I hope you find some good answers soon and get your lappy fixed.

Trent out

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