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    Help: Is memory specifically designed for a Core 2 vs. Core system?

    My sister just purchased a new MacBook with a memory upgrade, and they gave her the original memory back. I thought at first of taking her old memory and putting it into my MacBook, then I wondered if the memory would be compatible.

    Her Mac is a Core 2 Duo, and mine is a Core Duo. The box (which her memory upgrade came in) is from Crucial, and it's labeled "Upgrade for a Apple MacBook 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo."

    Is memory specifically designed for the Core 2 Duo system? Will her memory be incompatible with my 2-year-old MacBook?

    Secondly, if the memory is compatible, is it safe to install previously (un?)used memory like this? It's currently inside a cardboard box, in little loose plastic sleeves. Do you need to get it straight from a manufacturer, totally fresh and unused, in order to install it?

    If you can't tell, I've never installed memory before.


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    They are the same

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    And that's exactly what I was hoping to hear.

    Thank you!

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