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    Broken keyboard top?
    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a used macbook dual core processor -- its just a little over a year old and so is not under the 1 year apple care. Anyhow, the plastic cover that is over the keyboard area (like where your wrists would sit while your typing) has a small broken piece. It looks like the screen was maybe slammed shut and the ridge on the screen side (top) came down on the bottom and broke off a piece thats about 1.5 inches long and as wide as a pencil lead right on the edge of the computer. Anyhow, is it possible to have it repaired and if so any idea if this is an expensive fix or not? I was thinking about getting the extended apple care coverage too and dont know if apple covers anything like this?

    Any experience like this from you experts out there?


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    If you have the broken piece, it should be easy enough to glue in place. Otherwise you may want to buy a new top (comes with the keyboard) and replace it or have it replaced. Here's a price for the piece and keyboard: as you can see, it's not overly expensive, but the labor to have someone replace it would likely be high. But they give you a repair manual, so you try to do that yourself. I believe I would try to do a plastic repair fix myself if it's as small as you suggest. Or you could check your telephone yellow pages and see if there are any plastics folks in your town. They might be able to repair it inexpensively...


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