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gomezzzza 07-06-2008 12:52 AM

2 questions
I'm a new Macbook user...glad to have switched from PCs, but I've run into a few problems.

1) I have loaded all of my music and videos from my PC onto an external hard drive. If I want to play these songs/videos on my Mac without loading them onto the Macintosh HD, what should I do?

2) Also, I moved some additional songs onto my computer from another external hard drive and when I did so, my Mac automatically created two versions of the files in two locations on the Macintosh HD: under "Macitosh HD>Library>iTunes" and also under "Macintosh HD>Users>[my name]>Music>iTunes>iTunes music." What is the difference between these two locations? Is one more important than the other? Is it safe to delete one set of these files and keep the others?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your help.


Mark W 07-06-2008 04:55 AM

1) Plug in said external hard drive, and just play them straight off.

2) In iTunes click Advanced --> Consolidate Library, you can then delete the one not in the "iTunes Music" folder.

louishen 07-06-2008 05:24 AM

When you connect that PC formatted drive to your mac can you write as well as read files from it? If you can write to it it is in FAT32 format so we will continue.

2 - you said there are some music files in HD > Library > Itunes. Itunes shouldn't be storing files in there, are you sure they are music files or some sort of cache files that may be temporary.

Do you want to have some music and videos on your mac, but also want access to music on that external, or do you want to point all itunes music and movies to that external drive?

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