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    Moshi Palmguard for MB?
    Hey everyone. I am going to be buying my first macbook soon and have been doing my research on necessary/recommended accessories. I have read some things about Moshi Palmguards being extremely useful and a great product. I was wondering if I could get some of your opinions and experiences about this product. How necessary is it? Does it really help protect the macbook palmrests from getting scratched and/or discolored? Is there a better alternative?

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    i dont have a mac..yet.. but i have been looking at a lot of products for macs. i have a lot of bookmarks to say the least. anyways the moshi looks really good. i would/will get it i think when i get my MBP..
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    I have a MBP and a Moshi palmguard. I first tried the Marware palmguard and hated it, it was too thick and had that big Marware logo on it. The Moshi palmguard is thin and protects the palm area very well. It perfectly matches the MBP's color. When I ordered my palmguard, I also ordered one for my brother's MB and he loves it as well.

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