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    Assistance with Macbook
    I am considering purchasing a Macbook. I have an older iMac and really want a laptop. I have a couple of questions.

    1. I have seen the Macbooks for sale at the Applestore.
    Is this the best plasce to purchase a refurbished MacBook?

    2. Will I be able to use the printer I have now? A Lexmark using USB Ports.

    3. I have heard there are discounts if you work at one of the schools
    approved to receive the apple discount...I do...Does anyone have
    any idea how much the discount is? Approximately?

    4. If I wanted to sell my Imac...would I get anything for it?

    ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    If you buy the refurb from apple you still get the full 1 year warranty, if it's bought somewhere else you may not. Usually the refurb price is lower then the education discount. You can find the education discount on the apple website. Your printer should be fine.

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