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    MB 2.4ghz or MBP 2.2ghz?

    I am looking at buying a laptop to edit hi-res photos, graphic work, web design, animation and some video editing.

    After some research, im certain that for my budget i can purchase a new macbook 2.4ghz with 2GB RAM or a secondhand macbook pro with 2GB RAM and a processor speed of 2.16ghz or 2.2ghz.

    Not sure of my personal choice of screen size as of yet but am interested to hear peoples thoughts on the performance of the two machines and any other info on the pros and cons of the two side by side.


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    Hello! From personal experience, I would be apt to buy either the 2.2Ghz or the 2.4Ghz models. The reason being is that they upgraded the graphics cards from the ATI X1600 to the Nvidia 8600m gt. This was really important for me. Also, you get an LED backlit screen (slightly brighter and better battery life) over the 2.16Ghz model. I think you'd be happier with the 2.2Ghz or the 2.4Ghz. Depending on what date the 2.4Ghz model was released, you might even get a multi-touch trackpad. Give us more specs and we'll let you know!

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    it doesn't matter that much.. not a big differences in speed i promise you... at least if you aren't a professional professional.. then you can't tell the differences

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