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    Question Adding RAM
    Hi i just purchased a MacBook Pro im running 2.4GHz and a 200GB hardrdrive with 2GB of RAM to put it short and I was wondering if i can just add one more stick of 2GB RAM and it equal 4GB or will i have to buy two sticks of 2GB RAM? Like I said I'm really new to this so thanks for the help.

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    I think it comes with 2 sticks of 1GB. So you will have to buy 4GB.

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    Yes, it comes with both slots filled with 1GB each. You need to buy a 4GB kit. Here is a link to my blog entry about my RAM upgrade on my MBP:
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    MacBook Pro 2.4GHz 200GB Hard Drive 4GB Ram
    oh ok thanks for the help and for the link to the newegg site im definitely investing in that

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    Good thread. Saves me from posting an identical one...

    My question is, what is the best performing type of RAM which the MacBook Pro will be able to accept ? Is it DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) or will it also accept DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) ? Nevermind, I just looked at newegg and saw that the PC2 6400's are also compatible.

    The next question is, are they worth getting ? Is the performance over the 5300's that significant ? After rebate, these Mushkins are $64

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    if your interested in RAM this site might help.

    From what ive learned from their site and others is that they cut out the middle man and you essentially get the same memory that apple uses OEM for super cheap. The memory i saw there was micron which apple does use. It seems legit. Micron is also what Crucial is before they rebrand it and mark it up.

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    The memory Apple uses in their laptops is the exact same that Dell, HP, etc.. use in their laptops. It is made by hynix. I have a MBP running a 4GB G.SKILL kit from newegg and it works great. My mom also has a similar kit in her mac mini and I put one in a friends macbook.
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