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    What's a good internal drive-that's 320 gb-for the macbook?
    Hi everyone.

    I still have the stock 60gb hard drive in my macbook, and it is really becoming a pain. My iPhoto and iTunes libraries are on an external hard drive, because there simply isn't enough room on the internal one (and thus I need to have the ext. hd plugged in when I want to use either program-WHAT A PAIN!).

    I've had enough, and plan on buying an internal drive to put in the computer. I want a 320gb one (man, will this be an increase!). It must be around that much, have great reviews, and be relatively cheap (less than $120).

    I don't believe I'm asking for too much, as I've already found one that seems to nicely fits the bill:

    Does anyone have any other suggestions, and where to buy it?


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    The WD Scorpio will work fine. Any SATA 2.5" notebook drive will likewise work. You just need to decide on size and rotation speed. My choice would likewise be the 320 Gb 5400 RPM WD Scorpio. I also like purchasing from Amazon.


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    Hi milk is white,

    I actually use the hard drive chscag was talking about, it's a Western Digital Scorpio 320GB spinning up at 5,400 rpm. However at times I do find this drive slightly slower than the stock 250gb hdd from apple.

    I have the WD with the pinouts so you can adjust it to different slaves (correct me if i'm wrong)

    Size wise it fits in perfectly with the original caddy.


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