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    Macbook won't boot up.
    Hello friends,

    I have a problem.

    So my macbook has been acting up lately. Now, it is at the point where I press the power button and the sleep light comes up and stays on but nothing else happens. I think there is a CD in there and I am not sure if thats an issue but I have been trying to eject the cd and not able to.

    I've tried resetting the PMU and the other thing and I've basically tried all the little tips in the other thread...any suggestions?

    I have tried taking the RAM off and putting the factory one, tried replacing the harddrive to the factory one as well, I have tried booting up from the power chord alone with no battery in...nothing works!

    The apple store charges 300 flat rate just to take it in and I'm not about to dish that out so quick, I hope I can find a solution here...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try these to eject the CD first and then let us know if your MacBook boots up OK. If not, we can go from there....


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    I have the same problem. I tried all the solutions to eject the disk and none of them work.I turn on and off the computer and the fan on my macbook starts whirring but nothing comes on except the sleep light. Can anyone help?

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    I got the same issue yesterday.

    I was restarting it and it never started up again.

    The comp started up in like 5 sec with the sleep light on. Couldnīt get the display to wake up...

    So I did all kinds of resets, but nothing happens.

    Until this morning. I had already made efforts for the comp to cool of (it was making loud fan noises a few min before i restarted it) and then today I put it in my backpack to try and hook it up to another comp and back it up.

    I arrive at the office and the backpack was burning hot. The comp was off when I left my house and then one hour later the battery is almost drained and the comp is so hot I can barely hold it.
    I open the screen and voila, thereīs my desktop... weird.

    Now Iīm scared the comp will blow up.

    And Iīm scared to put it to sleep or restart it. Feels like it will die on me again...

    So sorry, no solution..

    I have a 17 inch Macbook Pro, 2.4 GHz with 160gb 7200 HD.

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