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Thread: Fan won't stop

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    Fan won't stop

    I think the problem first occured since I updated to 10.3.6 or the latest security update. Even in idle the fan is slowly spinning. I put the energy saving prefs to auto. does sb know this problem and have a clue?
    I'm not sure if it does make any sense to reset PMU so I did not do that yet. Should I try?


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    i had the same problem eith my PB, try this:
    applications>utility>activity monitor...
    on the right upper corner click the bar and select "all processes" then click ont "%CPU" ont list and look which program is using your cpu at most
    sorry fot my english , hope u understand it....

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    Yes, either you have a application running in the background that is using up resources without you knowing it, or maybe just try resetting the PMU...

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    thank you for your advice. when i run activity monitor the maximum %CPU value is 10% for activity monitor and 9% for word 2k4.
    resetting pmu didn't help


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