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sablet 07-01-2008 11:49 PM

Spilled water on macbook charger
hey i accidently spilled water on the charger of my macbook , i didnt notice it until today , i can see that there was a short circuit on the charger since the plug in its burned, the charger is working but the light on the charger doesnt works at all , if i plug in the charger the light just goes green for a second and then it shuts off or goes to a lighter green color, anyone has any idea if its dangerous to my macbook using the charger?, also the light of the charger stays on even if not plugged to the computer

Haw-Ky 07-02-2008 02:47 AM

I would not use it, if it shorts out the connection on the Macbook its over $200 to replace that.

jughead1986 04-04-2009 12:43 AM

Hey man, I just had the same problem. Even worse, I just bought a new cord recently. I just can't afford it, I can't believe I ruined another cord.

miles01110 04-04-2009 05:40 AM

You could try looking on craigslist or eBay for a cheaper used cord.

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