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Thread: on AC, recognizes charged battery, but won't take juice!

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    Oct 15, 2007
    Unhappy on AC, recognizes charged battery, but won't take juice!
    Hi, I have a G4 iBook, 1GHz
    The AC works, and will power the iBook, but without it, nada.
    Two batteries tested, that worked before I opened the thing up and successfully repaired a video issue, and the DC is non-existent.

    The battery indicator in the menubar even detects it. It tells me it's at 98%, and as soon as I take it out, it notices. Fully functional it seems, and I've restarted several times, but if I unpluc the AC, it's off. The iBook knows it has a battery, it just won't take the juice!

    I opened it up again and double-checked every wire and everything else I could see. I could not find any info on this, the battery connector I guess, anywhere. Not on either. Something just went haywire, and I beg of you all to try and help me figure it out.

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    Oct 15, 2007
    I reset the PMU, too. Nothing. This is so weird!

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