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    Hey Guys I need some help
    Hey guys,

    Ok so heres the deal. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with my sisters macbook. From what i gather, she left it downloading files on Friday night and she went away for the weekend. When she got back, the MB was asleep. She tried restarting it but she would get the folder with the question-mark screen. Other times it would just get stuck starting up for a really long time and never get anywhere.

    I managed to start it after reseting stuff. (holding power button for 30 seconds with no battery, etc.) I ran disk utility and it said that there is a problem with the disk.

    But.... It won't let me start up from the CD. And it won't show the CD in the start-up disk menu.

    So... I started it up in single user mode and ran the fsck -fy command and got the following messages:

    **Checking Catalog File
    Missing thread record (id = 7479)
    Missing thread record (id = 56031)

    Then it says volume check failed. I ran the command several times with the same result.

    At this point I am stuck!!

    Any suggestions are more than welcome... And sorry for the long post


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    sounds like you'd be best off taking it into an apple store and getting them to look at it.

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