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    Question Unknown Disk in My MacBook Drive??
    Hey All-

    First off, I am a brand new member and would like to say hello. I have come across this site a few times for answers, so I figured I would seek some help.

    I just had my casing changed, it malfunctioned, and I had AppleCare, so I might as well. I had nothing done to the guts of the machine so I expected my computer with no surprises. However, I fired up my machine and heard the CD-ROM running. I hit eject and out pops a disk, labeled, "35108 ASD." I think it said boot on the screen, but I didn't think much of it (I didn't expect a disk to be in there!). I do not want to put it back in, as I do not know what it is. Mac is closed today, so I figured here was the best place to find out what it is. So what is it?? Also, nothing on the inside of my computer was supposed to be touched, so why is there a disk in my computer?? Any help is appreciated.

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    It could be a test disk used by Apple to make sure changing the casing didn't cause any unforeseen problems - for Quality Assurance testing. You're right not to put it back in. Just call Apple tomorrow and tell them about it and I'm sure they'll either ask you to return it or destroy it.

    Welcome to the Mac-Forums. Nice to have you with us...


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