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    Unhappy iBook G4 waking up on it's own while sleeping!!!
    It started a few months ago at night after I would close the lid on my iBook and make it go to sleep. After about 2 hours I can see that my computer was trying to start back up. It only happened like once every 2-3 weeks so I didn't think much of it. Then this week it's been happening every single day/night. Last night I decided to put the computer to sleep while the lid was open and low and behold my computer automatically woke up without being touched at all after been in sleep mode for about an hour 1/2- 2 hours! What can be causing this? I called AppleCare 3x already and I have tried all the disk utility and Apple Hardware disks and everything checked out normal. Has this happened to anyone else?!

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    when you put it to sleep, do you have any programs open that use a network connection, like ichat, for instance? cuz sometimes my powermac will wake up after i put it to sleep if someone tries to IM me.

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    Mine wakes up if I connect/disconnect any USB or firewire devices...

    Have you tried restarting?

    Are you sure ALL applications are closed? Any iCal entries with alarms set? Is mail trying to check for new mail?

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    i noticed when my iBook is closed (sleep) if I plug in the power adapter or any USB/Firewire it "flashes" - wakes up then sleeps right away. Someone told me to try to avoid this. Like you can unplug while sleeping but don't plug anything in when its sleeping.

    Any truth to this???

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    I had a similar problem with my iBook, kept waking up when the lid was closed, try disabling lidwake, go into terminal and type:

    sudo pmset lidwake 0

    now when you open the lid it won't automatically wake up, just hit any key
    to turn it back on type:

    sudo pmset lidwake 1

    this has worked so far for me, try it and see what happens


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