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    I currently have a dlink 524 wireless g router which is connected to my apple ibook. for some strange reason i cannot get a connection to my living room downstairs. the distance is not far but i am wondering if it has something to do with possibly the cordless phone in my kitchen, which is 2.4 ghz, is interfering with the wireless signal. Another possibility i am thinking is the walls and television the signal must go through does not allow a connection. i am a bit annoyed b/c it limits where i can surf the net. any similar experiences?

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    even while I'm on the phone (2.4Ghz) i do not lose connection but there are times where "Safari can't find network" and I have no idea why its saying that. I don't think its the router... but no i haven't experienced anything like that

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    I dont have an ibook or wireless router, but have experience. is your living room below or almost below a bathroom perhaps? if so, depending on what the piping is made of, or any wiring running through the are between the floor, it could interfere with the signal, but I dont think to the point of no signal.

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