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    A few MacBook Pro questions/problems
    I just got a new macbook pro to replace my old one, and I have a few questions, (I decided to make this a new post instead of adding to the other seperate question of mine)

    My new mbp seems to have a few little round type stains on the bottom of the battery, their just a different shade of silver kind of, so when you turn the battery a certain way you see them, has anyone else noticed this with any macbook pro? What might be a good way to clean it if so because they look like smudges but I can't really get them off with a damp washcloft.

    There is one pink pixel that stays pink thats really tiny but noticable on my screen. I tried to use on of those programs to get rid of it that flashes different colors but it didn't get rid of it. Is there any other way to get rid of the stuck pixel?

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    Nope, return it to Apple and get a replacement or it'll bug you forever! You have 14 days to return items without any reason
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    does anyone else have any dead pixels??? Do oyou find them annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weste47 View Post
    does anyone else have any dead pixels??? Do oyou find them annoying.
    I don't think apple will replace your screen unless there are a few stuck pixles...

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    just get some more to stick XD
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    If its after like 6-10 months you get 1 dodgey pixel then fair enough but out of the box that's unacceptable.. Take it to the able store and refuse to leave without a new mbp or a new screen take a tent if need be

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