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    MacBook protection
    Has anyone used the ebay sleeves?

    I am looking for a sleeve to offer some scratch and shock protection for my macbook in a back pack. If you haven't used the ebay sleeve, what do you recommend? I would imagine almost any sleeve would be good for scratch protection but it is going to be in a backpack so I would like a decent amount of shock protection.

    With my old laptop I used to just throw it in my bag, but that wasn't an everyday thing. Does anyone carry a macbook in a laptop unprotected everyday?

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    I don't have that specific sleeve, but did buy a sleeve to protect my Macbook for casual transport, not in a backpack. Mine probably has about the same level of protection as this eBay offer, but I paid $10 plus S&H... So this is probably a decent price for a basic sleeve...

    Most other protection is more expensive, in the range of $39 and up. And it's mostly for scratch protection, not shock. Here's just one page advertising some of the nicer, but more expensive Macbook products:

    There's a thread in this forum for Mac Skins. check it out here:

    If you want any more suggestions, I'd suggest you just Google "protective sleeve for macbook" and see what you come up with.

    Good luck and enjoy your Macbook,


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