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    Question Is the base MacBook good enough?
    I'm new to the forums
    I know my name sucks, you took all the good ones

    Anyway, is the white base model MacBook good enough for day-to-day use?
    Here's what my average day would look like:
    - iTunes open, playing a playlist
    - Pages open, me typing stuff
    - Safari open, me surfing the net, even though I should be typing on Pages.
    - Audium open, talking to friends. (I hope my boss isn't reading this)

    To my knowledge, MacBooks no longer include Apple Remotes, will the one that came with my iPod Universal Dock work with the MacBook?

    I'm coming from Vista, 1.5GB RAM, and iTunes seems to struggle playing music even if just MS Word is open. Is this a problem with Macs?

    Are the speakers that great? Just for playing music? My dad has a MacBook Pro, and I like his speakers, are the ones on the MacBook the same or smaller?

    Thanks all!

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    Yes, the "base" Macbook will do you just fine for everyday tasks.

    The speakers, unfortunately, are not very loud. You'd be better off if you got an external set of speakers or used headphones.

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    I second what kash says the 2.1 ghz model is more than adequate, and mac osx uses memory much more efficiently than vista, there is no comparison so don't worry about your vista machine having more, itunes will be much more responsive.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    to agree with the others, yes it's good enough and the remotes are the same
    This machine kills fascists
    Got # ? phear the command line!

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    Black and MacBooky I guess
    Its Good enough for me
    The Power of the Mac is far superior than others

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    I do way more cpu intense stuff than that and mine holds up fine...I'd say if you have the money for a ram upgrade, it's definitely worth it.

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    I use the base Macbook without any concerns.

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    I agree with the fact that the base is sufficient for the $200 you pay extra you do receive a 2.4ghz, twice the ram, 40GB extra hard drive and also a super drive rather than a combo drive (dvd burned instead of just dvd reader to my understanding) it's well worth the extra money and being a mac you know you will get that money back when selling it.

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    I started to use Mac last november. A friend of mine sold me his MacBook that had 1.8 processor and 512 on ram memory and 80GB on the HD. It was a good change from a PC but due to the fact that the HD had only 4GB left. I upgraded the Ram to 2GB and it flew!! It was fast as a sports car.

    Recently I changed to a Black MacBook with 2.4 processor, 250gb HD and 2GB on RAM. It is just great, but the only thing that I feel it really felt better was the HD capacity, but it was just because the use that I give the Mac can be perfectly met even with the 1.8 processor.

    So, bottom line, the MacBook has been more than enough for my use!

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    For what you need to do, the base is fine. But don't try and use Aperture or any other major Mac app. It will grind to a halt.

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