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jigsteele88 06-25-2008 05:43 PM

freezes after about 10 minutes
what should i do.. i'd better be quick or it will do it again!

any ideas?


dtravis7 06-25-2008 07:12 PM

Can you give us a bit more info? What model iBook is this? What are the basic specs? What version of OSX is installed on the iBook?

kkelly122 06-26-2008 05:07 PM

put in sun light and defrost it. ;)

the specs for the computer would help alot

jigsteele88 06-27-2008 03:50 AM

it has mac os x version 10.3.9
Processor 1.33 ghz powerPC G4
Memory 1.25 GB ddr sdram

is that any help?

cheers x

dtravis7 06-27-2008 04:15 AM

That sounds like the 14" iBook or the 12" like I have. Is it getting really hot when it freezes? I am wondering if the fan on the CPU failed? Have you tried taking out the RAM under the keyboard and seeing if it still locks?

Is this Lockup a hard lockup where it will do nothing else till you force power off?

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