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    Don't put batteries in check in
    After Jan, lithium batteries will not be allowed in checkin bags, carryon is ok.(check regulations Just got back with my 15inch pb from europe, hardly enough room to work in economy class, (dependent on plane and carrier) let alone move your shoulders.
    17 in some cases could be wider than your seat, no joke
    good luck on your trips

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    I agree with iChing.

    17" is far larger than most seats in cattle class (economy for those who don't know the jargon). Even my 15" PB is awkward to use. I eventualy take both my 15" PB (for airport lounge and other work on my travels) and my old 12" Ibook for working while on the plane. I'd really like to see a picture of you with your 17" in cattle class! That would be class!

    Try while on board upgrading seats. some carriers allow you for a small fee. I recently got uprgraded for 120$ (USD) flying continental between Glasgow (UK) and New Jersey (USA).

    For sleeves for your 17" check the apple store! They have a few for 17" PB. Although you might not like the idea of a red sleeve!

    Good luck!

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    I always have trouble working in economy class. It is insane how many people they try to fit in.

    As for the bag, if money is not too much of a concern, I recommend Tumi ( They make business cases and luggage. They are rather expensive, but after I made an intial investment, I have become a convert. Their business briefcases are the best and the Ballistic Nylon keeps all your stuff safe. I have model# 26041

    My two cents...

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    I bought a Crumpler bag and it's great. The best feature as I commute a lot is that it doesn't really look like it's got a very expensive laptop in it. The padding is extra thick and when they say the fabric is water proof, it really is, as I found out from a trip to the pub the other day with my powerbook. (whoops!)

    I have issues with working on a plane using a full sized laptop, economy class was not designed with passenger comfort in mind. I transfer my files to a pda, which could be a better option.

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    for people that might be viewing this thread for suggestions, i just got a booqbag (, the cobra XM model.
    i got it for a birthday present from my sister.
    the bag is large, but has lots of space. its heavy to, weighs 6lbs!!! but its very well padded and is quite tough.
    while i think $150 is much for a bag (my sister doesnt though), after seeing it, i would spend the money on one.
    here are some quick pics i snapped of it, but the ones on the site are better: (be warned, these are large pics, 22XX x 15XX):

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    I just modded a Mead Trapper. Now all I need is a laptop

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    Any good 17" metal laptop briefcases?

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