I have recently got a 17" powerbook, and live in hospital residences, where there are no plans for broadband to be installed in the forseeable future.

Therefore I have to dial-up and use my ISP for connection to the internet, and I use the same one as used for my old Vaio laptop. They are called Madasafish.com, and I very seldom ever had any problems when connecting to the internet using the Vaio. It almost always used to connect on the first attempt without any problems or errors.

Since getting the powerbook it usually takes me about 3 attempts or more with the same ISP. I get a modem error and have to keep re-attempting to connect.

This seems unusual because most things to do with windows don't work first time and most things to do with macs work first time!

Is this because some ISPs work better with windows and others with macs? If so does anyone know of a dial-up ISP that works better with macs in the UK? Or is there some setting I can change with my ISP or other way of connecting with an ISP to make things work better?