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Thread: Graphics Problem iBook G4 12"....Pro Help Needed!!

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    Unhappy Graphics Problem iBook G4 12"....Pro Help Needed!!
    Hi guys,

    Im fairly new in the Mac world, having used PCs my whole life i decided to invest in a mac as my brother uses them for University.

    Anyway, i bought a cheap iBook G4 12" off of eBay and its pretty much fine, needs a new battery, and waiting on an Airport Extreme Card (Which i think will fit? Someone let me know if not).

    The main problem, however, is that every now and then, the screen locks up and the Mac stops running. I get these ugly, pixelated, multi-coloured lines on the screen and it all goes t*ts up...i think its a video problem thats going to cost me a fortune to fix!

    This happens on random occasions, like sometimes it can happen 5 times in 10 minuites, sometimes i will go a day without it happening.

    Anyone able to diagnose the problem? And a potential cure? I would be most grateful!!!


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    Sounds like a logic board problem, its because the graphics chip on the logic board has come loose. Officially the only way to remedy this problem is replace the logic board, but there are different fixes online.

    I would highly recommend trying the C clamp thing to see if this stops the problem if the problem goes away its a logic board problem, and I would try one of the various fix's they have here or there are more online. Also something to note I read somewhere that with ibook G4's the cause of the graphics chip problem is constant shutting down and starting up the machine, I personally always leave mine on sleep.

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