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daf 06-25-2008 03:12 AM

Water Spill on MacBook
Hey, I recently spilled some water on my Macbook. After removing the battery and drying it out, everything works fine (I'm typing on it now), except for the fan is extremely loud now and runs pretty much non-stop. Is this something that will resolve itself over time, or have I done permanent damage? I have Applecare, will that be of any use at this point? Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do in order to fix this situation for the least amount of money? Thanks.

chscag 06-25-2008 10:11 PM

First off, you're very lucky that more damage didn't occur because of the spill. Water is a wonderful conductor....:Grimmace:

I would let well enough alone and wait for several days or so to see if the fan quiets down and the speed function returns to normal. If it doesn't, then it's likely something may have been damaged in that circuit.

I would not depend on Apple Care though, because if you take it in and they detect that water was spilled on your MacBook, they will not honor the repair under the warranty and instead will charge it to you.


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