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    Question Using 800mhz ram in a 2.1 Penryn
    My sister got her first Mac, a 13.3 2.1 Macbook, mostly because of me.

    Well anyway, it only came with 1GB of ram as its the cheapest one. I poked around OWC's site only to find that the MacBooks still use 667 ram even if the FSB is now 800Mhz.

    Is this cost cutting on Apple side or is there a hardware limitation and can only use 667 ram?

    I have the two 1GB modules I took out of my iMac when I upgraded to 4GB. Will they run fine in the Macbook or will they get underclocked to 667? Is it better just to get new RAM?
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    It'll most likely just down clock the memory to 667Mhz if you put 800 in there.

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