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    Clamshell keyboard and trackpad not working, need help.
    I have a Clamshell that was working perfectly, but I decided to put in a few upgrades. I added a new 120gb hard drive and 512mb of memory and the upgrading process seemed to be going very smoothly. However, when I put the Clamshell all back together and booted it up the keyboard caps and num lock lights turn on but the keyboard does not work, and the trackpad also stopped working. Really need some help on this one.

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    Hard to say what you did or didn't do. What I would suggest, however, is to pay a visit to and take a look at their step by step instructions for installing a hard drive and memory in your machine.

    Several folks have run into difficulty replacing the hard drive in their machines by inadvertently pulling loose or breaking the connector which goes to the logic board. The best thing for you to do is go over everything you did during the replacement of memory and the HD. Make sure all connectors are in place and nothing has been accidently broken off or dislodged.


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