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    battery confusion....
    Hey all.
    I'm somewhat new to this Mac thing. I used them in high school and decided to get one for college. This is my first MacBook (2GB model) and I like it a lot but I have a couple of nit picky questions

    The first few days I had it I turned it off every couple of nights but now (it's been about 2-3 weeks) since I use it so much I simply put it into sleep mode every night. It's always plugged in and the light on the charger is always glowing green--fully charged. However, my battery status has recently stopped reading 100%. The last 4 or so days it has been at 99% and today it dropped to 98%, despite the fact it hasn't been unplugged for any long period of time.

    So my question: is this something I should worry about? Is there something I can or should do to get those two percentage points of charge on the battery back up, or should I let it be and hope nothing happens? (yes, I have tried re-booting it) And when I view my remaining battery life, it reads "charged." ANY advice on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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    it says fully charged at 98%? if so i have had the same problem.. I just drained the battery completely and charged it back up and it was sweet.

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    DEC is correct, you probably just need to calibrate the battery. Use the Macbook on battery power till it gets totally run down (i.e. the computer puts itself to Sleep). Then leave it on the charger overnight. Make sure not to use it in this time.

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    hey thanks for the help guys i really appreciated it! this is why i joined the mac forum

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    There is another thing in case of a future problem if the AC doesn't charge take out the battery and unplug the AC and then plug both back in again and hold the power put until light at the bottom blinks and a sound is made. Most battery problems are usually fixed by the holding of the button before startup.
    I know your problem is fixed but like i mentioned future reference.

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