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Thread: MBP + MCE remote

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    Jun 11, 2008
    MBP + MCE remote
    Hi, i was wondering if i could use the remote control that came with my HP m7248n media center computer to control my mac, specifically stuff like itunes since the hardware technically is possible to receive the signal so im wondering if there is a software or configuration that would allow it. Also i'd like to know how could i add my desktop computer as an extender for my mac (such that i can see TV etc in my mac.)

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    I doubt it, at least not without significant work. An apple remote costs $20, probably worth the lack of headache.

    What do you mean extender?
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    Jun 11, 2008
    NO, why would i do that, i really like an huge control with lots of buttoms that i wont touch ever and if i did will crash my computer opening a window i dont want to see. I really wont like a very small and efficient pretty mac remote.

    Just kidding, i think you are right, i'll do that, but i just wanted to know

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