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    Are the logic board repair deals on eBay a good deal ?
    I have a couple of g3 500 ibooks, and a clamshell but I don't think the issue with that is the board. Hard to say as I've been working hard on fixing a couple of Pismo's and not had the time to devote to it (clamshell).

    I'm pretty sure the ibooks have some logic board issue. I see offers to mail in your board for repair and some seem quite cheap; but then again it looks like you can get a 500 board these days on ebay for $60 or so. And then the ibook itself has a decreasing value anyway.

    What do you think ?

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    What is the fault? I would just pick up a logic board off ebay or sell yours for spares. The computer, if working, is not worth a great deal anyway so its not worth spending a lot of cash on.
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