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kovalchuk71 06-22-2008 01:01 AM

MacBook vs. MacBook Pro
Hey guys sorry for another topic, but I really am stuck inbetween the two. Is it really worth it to upgrade to the Macbook Pro? I heard the graphics card really hurts the macbooks performance. If you guys could even lead me to any old topics, it would be much appreicated! Thanks!


todd51 06-22-2008 01:13 AM

Well, being a MBP owner, I think the upgrade is worth it. I have other friends who fully enjoy their baseline MBs though.

In fact the graphics card alone made me install Win XP Pro through Boot Camp earlier this afternoon, just so I can play a few of my games from a couple of years ago. I also opted for the MBP because of the bigger screen. I think 15 inches is perfect for not being too big on the road, but just big enough to feel comfortable when it's sitting on my desk.

What my original plan was between the debate was that I was going to get the fully upgraded MB if I had NO intentions of loading XP and playing some games, but I knew I couldn't give those up, I'm a gamer at heart. :)

In addition, I knew this laptop was going to last me quite some time and I figured why not go all out and get the best laptop available? So from those reasons I settled on the MBP and upgraded to 2Gb of ram. The ONLY thing I regret was not upgrading to the next biggest hard drive, now I'm stuck with only 80Gb.

bargsbeer 06-22-2008 01:32 AM

What are you going to use it for? I have a Black macbook and it serves me just fine very fast and handles video great. I guess it depends what you are using it for.

UFGator 06-22-2008 02:04 AM

In my opinion, the money is worth the upgrade. I have a MBP and just bought it about a week ago after much thought between getting the baseline MBP (2.4) or getting the Blackbook. I thought that it is only a few hundred dollars more I am getting a bigger screen, backlit keyboard, thinner and more impressive design in my opinion, and a better graphics card. I know that I only bought the Pro that has the 256 MB in it, but I know that I will not be playing any games on mine or doing any video editing, so I thought that would be more suitable for me, when really, I could have gotten the Blackbook and been set for what I need to do with a computer. It all depends on what you are going to do, but I would say for a few hundred more, you get a lot more for your money.

kovalchuk71 06-22-2008 02:41 AM

Im using it for college next year. Basically web surfing, writing papers, doing projects,playing some games (Sims, etc), watching movies, and putting my music on it.

getuptogetdown 06-22-2008 09:50 AM

Well if you aren't going to be using it for any music production or graphic design or anything that will really need a lot of power for it, then I would go for the macbook. I really think the macbook pro is a looooott better but for what you're using it for I would save the money and get the macbook.

McBie 06-23-2008 10:19 AM

I went for the 17" MBP because I wanted to replace my desktop completely.
It is a bit heavy while " on the road " but it is a great machine.

Best buy I ever made !


chrismidds 06-23-2008 03:33 PM

Tough choice!
I had the same dilemma for a while and know exactly what you are going through. What it boiled down to for me was what was I really going to use it for.

My main uses will be for college work and photoshop editing when I'm on the go. I REALLY liked the look of the Pro but after much research I decided that although the better graphics and the larger screen on the Pro would be nice, in the real world a Macbook was all I needed.

It's really a question of will you be using the full power of the Pro, or do you want to save a few hundred and go for the (still very good!) Macbook. If you can afford it then why not, but I think for most people a Macbook is the realistic option however tempting the Pro is.

I ended up with a Macbook Black.

Hope that helps?

rich6490 06-23-2008 03:37 PM

I just ordered the MBP. If you plan on playing any games under boot camp, or do anything that's pretty 3d intensive, go with the pro. I will say I like the keyboard, magnetic latch, and overall appearance of the macbooks, and I think the best looking apple laptop is the blackbook.

carleymarie 06-23-2008 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by kovalchuk71 (Post 678749)
Im using it for college next year. Basically web surfing, writing papers, doing projects,playing some games (Sims, etc), watching movies, and putting my music on it.

In terms of weight and size, I think that the MacBook is perfect for toting around at my University. Plus, when you take into account the other textbooks you'll be carrying around, less weight and size is a good thing.

The screen size of the MacBook works perfectly for me in class or when I'm typing up essays. This takes into account that I can spend upwards of 10 hours straight typing up an essay (I'm an education/honours English student, so I know a lot of about the time spent on essays).

kovalchuk71 06-23-2008 10:04 PM

Thanks for the replies guys! Keep them coming..

Also, you guys are making it sound like I cant play games period on the macbbook. Is this true? I just want to play like the Sims and such....

OK Computer 06-24-2008 05:52 AM

you can definitely play games on a macbook.

rich6490 06-24-2008 07:02 AM

Were just saying you can't play extremely graphic intensive games on the Macbook. (the sims and such will be fine)

COZMOE00 06-24-2008 12:00 PM

My friend graduated recently as a graphic designer and she is still using her MB for work. I have bought a MBP because I work with video/sound and CS3, often at the same time. The MB is a beautiful and wonderful unit, I think Apple has convinced a lot of people that this is the unit you must get. Assuming that you are getting the laptop at student pricing the cost difference between the two is $400. If you want the MBP primarily for the upgraded graphics card, then maybe it isn't worth $400 extra. Also your in college. Campuses are big and if you plan on taking your laptop to class (note taking/internet) you will have to haul this around. The biggest thing going for the MB over the MBP is it's size.

kovalchuk71 06-24-2008 01:51 PM

Great! Im not looking to play graphic intensive games, as that is what my Xbox 360 is for ;). Is the size difference between the MB and MBP siginificant? So it would be a pain to haul the MBP around campus?

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