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    First Mac
    I've been reading around this forum on the Ibook G4 and I keep hearing a few good things and a few bad things so I have an other question.

    Right now I am using a PC with these stats:

    800Mhz AMD Duron
    Processor with 192 KB On-Chip Cache Memory
    256MB of Memory
    32MB of Video Memory
    40GB of Hard Drive Space

    And I am thinking of buying the new 14' Ibook G4 and I was wondering if the Ibook will run better then the computer I am using now. I have read that Adobe Photoshop isn't good to use on the Ibook but if Photoshop is just as fast on the Ibook as it is on the computer I am using now it's okay with me. But if it goes slower then this I might have to rethink my choice. (And I plan on getting the 512Mb of memory not keeping the 254 Mb of memory and thats what I have now on this PC)


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    Photoshop is more optimized to run on Mac OS, plug those older AMD processors aren't the best plus most of the older chipsets which those processors ran on were crap. A G4 iBook with 512mb of ram will run much better than you current system.

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    Remember: Lots of design professionals use macs (audio/video/imaging/layout etc) so a large company like Adobe is going to make sure that they make their flagship professional product run well on macs...

    And it does. My PC had similar specs to yours (866 Pentium III) and photoshop runs a lot better on my iBook...

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