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    G4 won't boot up with Airport Card in
    It's the weirdest thing. If I have my airport card in my computer doesn't boot up at all... it goes to the open firmware and at the top it says "Floating Point Unavailable with some numbers. If I unplug the airport card it will boot up fine. Any ideas?

    Edit: I forgot... I have also tried another AirPort card so I know its not the card thats defective.

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    Could be trivial.
    I had a very similar problem. With the airport card inserted, the booting process would end shortly after the start up tone on a 1.25 GHz Powerbook G4. It turned out that I was consistently not inserting the card far enough. When correctly inserted the card is pushed past the top edge of the casing. In my case this required more force than I expected. Surprisingly, with an improperly inserted card, the protective flap would close and the battery could be inserted without any problems.

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