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    re-install advice
    Just a small bit of advice needed.

    I need to re install my system softwear on my powerbook, but i have all my music in Itunes and dont want to re upload them all.

    Does re installing the system completley erase the hard drive or will i be able to keep my upto date itunes and all of my music?


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    If you do an archive and install then it just does the system re-install. I just did this on my powerbook and everything was exactly the same when it was done. Sometime you will need to re-enter you paswords for your programs but that is about it.

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    Yep, archive and install. It's an absolute saviour - everything will be the same, but the system side of things fixed. I wish 'doze had that

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    I did that last night but it doesnt seam to have changed. I still cant create another user account. I click the box but nothing happens...getting a bit fed up now

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