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    Jun 17, 2008
    pro keyboard gives me funny characters
    okay so this just happened randomly
    my keyboard on my macbook pro gives me weird characters

    right now im typing on an external keyboard

    heres an example on the external keyboard:

    "The dog jumped over the fence and barked at the little girl."

    here it is on my macbook pro keyboard:

    ˇ˙*∂*∆π∂*√*˙**∂*∫˚∂**˙* *≥

    very annoying.

    anyone help me out?

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    The Alt/Option button on your keyboard is stuck. When the Alt button is held, the keyboard displays a different set of characters.

    Try blowing some compressed air under the key, and if that doesn't work pop it off and see if there's anything underneath that's obstructing it.



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    Jun 17, 2008
    yep that was def it

    I fiddled with it a bit and it switched back
    its really touchy tho.

    How do I pop the key off. I've applied upward pressure on both sides but it was bringing up other keys and scared me so I stopped. Is there another way?

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    I haven't seen a laptop keyboard with removable keys in years. Is it still under warranty?
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