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    so i was on my laptop, and the battery was at 20% so i thought 'oh i better plug in my laptop' and i put it in and it turned itself off.. and i thought that i hadn't put it on charge quick enough but i found it weird as 20% should be enough to keep it running, so i attempted to turn it on again, got the apple and swirly thing, then it turned itself off.. so i left it to charge for a while and about an hr later i turned back on using cmd + r + p. it finally worked at 40% so i thought i'd reset and see what happens.. apple and swirly then turned off again

    i really have no idea whats going on with my laptop as i take care of it. i've tried doing cmd + r + p again but to no arrival, the battery has 3 lights showing, so it should be booting up... please help.

    it's also still under hardware warranty so am i okay on the money part if i have to take it back to apple? I have no income at the moment and being a student, i really hope someone knows a fix for this because it was a present from my grandmother and i'd hate to disappoint her.

    Thank you

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    I dunno what to suggest but you if you are under warranty Apple should help you resolve the issue. Do you have an Apple store near you that you could take it in to?

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    not quite sure where it is... but milton keens is the closest apple store, it's on again, but i know if i reset it, it will go all wrong again

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