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Thread: Few quick questions. Help Please.

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    Few quick questions. Help Please.
    Hey, just a few quick questions for you.

    1. I just purchased a new 2.5ghz macbook pro on saturday. I had read up on it some before I got it and when I got home I installed smc fan control. I have been using it when playing games under bootcamp. WIll it damage my macbook pro by settings fan speeds to around 3000 - 3500 rpm?

    2. I have noticed a clicking noise that comes from the top right of the computer sometimes when I am playing youtube videos and sometimes when scrolling up and down in iTunes. It kind of sounds like the sound an iPod makes when you scroll (that clicking noise). It also happens a little louder when I play games under bootcamp. My question is.. is this a piece of hardware making this noise that is perfectly normal or is it an issue that should be checked out. Thanks.

    -Tim W.

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    I think that is where the HD is. If that is the case, then you might have a failing/bad HD, I would call apple being that you just got it.
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    if you watch this video . This is what it sounds like when I am playing games.

    One the Mac side it doesn't seem to happen as much or at all sometimes when the power cord is unplugged. It's pretty quite nonetheless . Could someone else who has a macbook pro tell me if you here this noise. You might have to put your ear up to the right part of the keyboard but you can here it when scrolling up and down in itunes or watching youtube video.

    Is it ok for the hardrive to make a little noise?

    edit: oh yeah and i forgot to say it doesn't happen at all on bootcamp unless I'm playing a game.

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    I did not get that sound when I am scrolling through iTunes. I believe that is where here hard drive is mounted like skye said, and if that is the case I would take it back to the Apple Store and get them to look at it. It won't be a problem for them.

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    the sound in the video that i posted isn't the sound I get when scrolling through itunes, it's much softer. just a soft clicking type sound.

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