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    Powerbook or iBook...again.
    Here's the deal. In the UK I get an academic discount, so the prices are:

    12" iBook 1.2 GHz
    60 GB HD

    Total: 853.18 (incl. 157 for Applecare)

    12" Powerbook 1.33 GHz
    60 GB

    Total: 1162.08 (incl. 220 for Applecare)

    What I want from a new machine is something that will last me 3-4 years for regular internet/word processing/DVD viewing/travelling/occasional game (e.g. WC3, Call-of-Duty...none of the new games obviously). For these purposes, is the extra processing/GPU power of the Powerbook worth the extra 300 (which is about USD$555, or CAD$675)?? Will the Powerbook remain functionally useful for much that longer than the iBook?


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    go for the ibook, the powerbook will be updated soon anyway, ibook lighter and smaller ideal for travleling etc

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    "ibook lighter and smaller"

    Wrong: 12" Powerbook lighter and smaller...

    though agree on the speed and performance issues - the iBook currently has an almost identical speed for less so get the iBook and buy an iPod...

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    I ended up getting a 12" iBook (Bluetooth, 80GB HD, Applecare) because the extra money for the PB wasn't worth the marginal performance increase. It will hopefully be here next week!

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    Yea, the Powerbooks are due for an update really soon anyways. And the iBooks are just as powerful as the entry-level Powerbook so no point. 700 is still great for a 1.2Ghz 12" don't you think? I'm ordering mine next week.

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    good choice, although before purchasing my 12" iBook I did look at the 12" PB and 15" PB but coming back to earth I decided between the 12 and 14 iBook. I was thinking of financing a 15" PB but after 7 days of deep thought I told myself its not worth it (yet) as all I really want to do is surf the 'net 90% of the time and use AppleWorks. So i paid cash for a 12" iBook w/an extra 256MB of RAM. The 30GB HDD bothered me in the begining but seeing I don't really store much on my HDD (music, pics, docs, programs all are on my 40GB iPod) I'm glad I got the 12" book over the 15" PB. I saved myself from going into debt with evil credit card and well sure it would have been nice to own a 15" PB but I would have never used it to its fullest extent. I'm thinking in 2yrs or so I will buy a PB as my needs will change within time. But for now the 12" iBook is great for what I need it for. And a great value!!!!

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