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    Important Battery Question
    A. Is the battery covered by apple care?
    B. Is it harmful if you leave your laptop plugged into to the AC for days at a time? (this would mean the battery is at 100% which I read is bad for it)



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    A) yes
    B) i leave mine plugged in all the time for days and sometimes i dont. i have never had any problems. i actually have a 12" 2002 ibook that stays plugged in for weeks at a time and it still runs for almost 3 hours on its original battery if that says anything.

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    The battery has a internal smartchip that stops charging after it reaches full, after its full it doesnt charge unless the battery discharges enough. Although some battery experts say that using your machine while its charging is not good, but i havent had problems in the past other then it takes longer to charge.
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Apple recommends calibrating your battery once a month in this type of usage.
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