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    MacBook & MacBook Pro HD?
    are they interchangeable? can i get a mbp and put my mb hd in it?

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    Yes, you should be able to... so far as I know. They're the same size. I'm pretty sure you'd void your MBP warranty if you replace the HDD yourself though.

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    It's OK to change the HDD in your Mcbook, that won't void the warranty. BUT you can't change the HDD in your Macbook Pro yourself. THAT does void the warranty. So be careful there. I once thought all Macbooks were the same that way, but not so...

    If you feel the need to make the change, let someone at an Apple Store do it for you.


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    The macbook and macbook pro all use a stadand 2.5" SATA 1.5GB drives, only macbook that im aware of that uses a different setup is the macbook air. Those use small 1.8" hdd like the ones they use in the ipod classics.
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