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Thread: another one of those, what should i....

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    Jun 14, 2008
    another one of those, what should i....
    hello there. haha

    i have a question on which laptop i should get.

    i want the macbook pro because i like the design and the aluminum shell, and because it has an anti-glare screen. but im not going to use all those macbook pro features.

    i dont like the regular macbook becuase i don't like the plastic, i dont like the keyboard, and i dont like the glare screen (gloossy), but i like the size.

    is it worth it to add 600bucks, just to satisfy the "looks" of the macbook pro that i really like?

    i was going to either get a 15" macbook pro, or a 2.4ghz macbook. Whats your input? Thank You very much.

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    You want us to confirm a decision that it looks like you have already made?

    OK, buy the MBP.


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    you can get a non-glossy screen on the macbook as well.
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    The aluminum, while cool, can scratch. I need to get something to protect mine. I have to remove my watch just to work on it! Personally, I wouldn't spend the money on looks, it's what's inside that is worth the $$.


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    Unless you are the type to take form over function (and at the cost of price) then just get the MacBook and get a cover so you don't have to look at the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerBookG4 View Post
    you can get a non-glossy screen on the macbook as well.
    Per the online Apple Store, this is not true. Nor has it ever been, as far as I know. The MacBooks are equipped with glossy screens, and cannot be customized with the matte.

    Since you don't mention screen size as something that you're definitively looking for, I'd say get the normal MacBook. The plastic is not as flimsy as you might think, and is actually more durable than the MBP's aluminum if many of our members here are to be believed (and I think they can be ). The glare is apparently not a huge problem either, unless you're outside. Search around the forums for more info on glossy vs. matte.

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